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Distance Calculator

To get an idea of how far one can travel each day if one is planning to stay at different camps, use the distance calculator below to get an idea of how far it is between each of the camps or gates.

Note: The traveling time is based on a speed of 25 kilometres an hour.

Kruger Park Map

To make it easier for visitors to the Kruger Park to work out how to get around, or what is to be seen in a particular part of the park, there is an interactive map featuring lots of handy information, which gives you the opportunity to explore the park. There are over two hundred markers on the map that you can click on, and each of them has a popup with a brief bit of information about that particular place and a photo to give you an idea of what you would see if you were actually there. You can click on the photos to go to a page with more information about that paricular place.

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Kruger Park Accommodation 40

There are a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation in the Kruger Park, there are rest camps, bush camps, rustic camps, overnight hides and private concessions. Each of them offer the visitor to the Kruger Park a slightly different type of accommodation option, the choice of accommodation one would prefer depends on your budget, how much you want to be pampered, whether you want to be self-sufficient or rely on what is on offer at the camps and other factors. To make that choice a little simpler, the accommodation is listed according to various categories based on what each of the camps has or does not have.

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Kruger Park Attractions 190

When people think of the Kruger Park, they tend to think of the animals, but there is a lot more to see and do in the Kruger besides looking at the animals. The diversity of the landscapes is one of the attractions of the Kruger Park, and due to the size of the park there is a wide range of scenery for you to enjoy. There are also interesting historical sites one can visit which give one an insight into the people who lived in the area before it became a national park. To help you find what is to be seen as you travel around the park, the various types of attractions are listed as sub-categories, so you can see a list of attractions suited to your particular interests.

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Books About the Kruger Park 45

There have been numerous books written about the Kruger Park over the years, and these books are an invaluable source of info when it comes to finding out more about the park. There are books covering numerous topics, including the history of the park, information on the fauna and flora found in the park, and travel guides to give you handy tips when it comes to finding your way around or deciding which route to take.

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